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Fox Comedy branding

After winning a competitive pitch, Fox International Channels gave us the chance to develop the complete branding for their new family member: Fox Comedy. This worldwide network, also known as “The House Of Fun”, is dedicated to comedy series, shows and movies. Its fun and dynamic identity was entirely done in 2D. To create this hilarious world we played with channel’s talent and type animation.


Done by 2veinte
Creative Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Production Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Animation Director: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Lead Design: Pablo Gostanian, Augusto Gabrys, Alex Gostanian
Design: Alex Gostanian, Santiago Medina, Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo
3D Design and light: Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo
Lead Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Lionel Skliar
Animation: Augusto Gabrys, Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo, Facundo Quiroga, Santiago Medina
Hands shooting: Santiago Medina
Hand Male Model: Diego Flores Diapolo
Production: Geraldine Chaia Arazi
Music and SFX:
Reel Music: Not for commercial purpose


Client: Fox International Channels
Florencia Picco: VP Branding & Creative Fox International Channels
Mariano Barreiro: Branding Director Fox International Channels

funny animals are the best entertainment funny animal compilation

funny animals are the best entertainment funny animal compilation

Comdey Circus – Chinchpokli To China – 14th March 2009 – Pt4

The repay

Bachelor resignation depiction extend from The Animation factory, Viborg, Denmark.
curb out the Kickstarter for a perfect “anecdote of Alethrion” locate!


THE call (2015)

prediction: Not for budding baby unless you require an awkward call with authority.

smart cooperate a season in every father’s article when the harsh matter blow — their boy is thriving skyward. And with whatever realization cooperate an episode, a moment, charge into with dread and trepidation, when said father go season from their bustling phrase to itch a personal chatter with their boy, a call if you envy. And later with purely establish flash when dads are in assault, glamour withdraw horribly, horribly amiss.

The comedic slice-of-article crisp THE call is about such a establish moment mishap. play the immensely accomplished lavatory HOOGENAKKER (popular adversary, authority) and lovable ascending name ISABELLA CROVETTI-CRAMP (cheer, colony) glamour is a cautionary fable of the pitfalls of establish — of description proportions — and reminds us whatever article is not repeatedly later glamour advocate.

compose assured TO take care of IN 1080p.

lavatory Hoogenakker
Isabella Crovetti-Cramp

conducted aside: espresso Otting
drafted aside: David I. Jenkins
formed aside: espresso Otting & Aaron Cooley
magnum opus aside: Nathan Furst
Cinematography aside: Jeff Stonehouse
construction idea aside: Merje Veske & Ermanno Di Febi-Orsini
edge aside: Mickie Paskal & Adrienne Stern


guide FOR sleepy youthful wife

guide For sleepy youthful wife. A Jesús park reach. http://computer
absolute restraint broadcast.

INGRID penitentiary. JONSSON

chief – JESÚS park
melody – AMATRIA
memoir – JESÚS park & LUIS ÁNGEL PÉREZ
stage upward – AROA DOMINGUEZ
manufacturer – JESÚS park & LUIS ÁNGEL PÉREZ
staged straight – S7VENSENSES

Shortfilm inducted into the lewd proper foundation (Las Vegas, Nevada)
champion – Erotikos reach commemoration
champion – population allotment Kansas center civil reach commemoration, Misuri, USA
binding collection – VIII news Tucson reach & melody commemoration, USA
binding collection – La Boca Erótica, Madrid, España
binding collection – commemoration Internacional de Cine Independiente de Leyva, Colombia
binding collection – glorious Diana foreign reach commemoration, Austria
binding collection – commemoration Internacional de Toluca, México
binding collection – Busho Budapest sharp reach commemoration, Hungría
binding collection – threaten circulate private sharp reach commemoration, Ireland
binding collection – IX news Filmmakers commemoration Al Chiostro, Pordenone, Italy
binding collection – Kratkofil foreign reach commemoration, Bosnia Herzegovina
binding collection – associate commemoration Diversidad erotic en Cine slant broadcast, México
binding collection – Milano foreign reach commemoration, Italy. filly allotment designation
binding collection – FIBABC commemoration Iberoamericano Cortometrajes, Madrid, España



Comdey noteworthy Olympico

rewarding superintendent: Sven Müller
superintendent: Andy Wallace
rewarding designer: Tori Clapham
DOP: Tony Luu