The Blogger Who Saved the Economy

A mini-documentary about an obscure blogger who woke up one day to find himself 15th on the list of the top 100 most important global thinkers…

This is his story. Well, a really small part of it…


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Production Company: Distant Moon
Director/DP/Editor: Ian Reid
Producer: Jeff Holmes
Assistant Director: Patrick Mason
Post Production/Sound Design: Distant Moon
Music: “Balboa” by Steven Gutheinz
Music Licensing: The Music Bed
Featuring: Scott Sumner

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D&AD Awards 2015 Title Sequence

Mill+ continued the collaboration with the D&AD​ awards, creating the concept, design, art direction and animation for the 2015 ceremony. Mill+ creative directors Carl Addy and Nils Kloth led the team in developing all of the show’s animated and static design elements centered around the ‘ASCEND’ concept, bringing to life D&AD’s brand values and conveying the creative determination required when creating the world’s best work.
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