Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit

When Nikes Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit is hitting the stores “launch” will have a whole new meaning. High up in the sky we don’t loose grip or traction and celebrate the latest killer shoe of Nike in all it’s lightweight glory. Spawning from the visual style of the central animation a whole lot of things were created to form a complete retail package. From the shops window front over engage zones, footwear walls and pedestals all the way to turning our 3d assets into real actual objects to put up in stores – do not worry, the whole range is covered.

Here’s the project on our webpage:
And the process reel:

Client: Nike Sportswear | Global Brand Design
Producer: Kate Terrill, Jess Puttermann
Brand Design Director: Nico Sala, Kevin Coatman

for Aixsponza
Producer: Julian Fischer
Creative Director: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Christian Tyroller
Art Director: Moritz Schwind
Artists: Leo Akinbiyi, Joey Camacho, Jens Kindler, Matthias Lein, Fabian Rosenkranz, Moritz Schwind, Jan Sladecko, Benno Verschüren, Ben Watts, Matthias Zabiegly, Santi Zoraidez, Ondrej Zunka
Product Sculpting: Lars Korb
Chief Knitting Advisor: Roxana Schwind
Music: Michael Fakesch, Designingsounds

ASICS – “The Cleansing Power of Sport”

2010 ASICS Global Advertising Campaign – “The Cleansing Power of Sport”

ASICS is an athletic footwear company based in Kobe, Japan. Founder, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, chose the name ASICS based on a famous Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”, which when translated expresses the ancient ideal of “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” ASICS was founded on the belief that the best way to create a healthy and happy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness.

The ASICS tagline, “Sound Mind, Sound Body” aims to inspire people to achieve a healthy balance in life through sport. Creatively, we looked at the act of running as a way to cleanse the mind and body of pollutants such as stress, insecurity or pent up aggression. A runner passing through walls of water is a symbolic metaphor for the purification that occurs during a run, a baptism if you will.

Client: ASICS
Project: 2010 Global Advertising Campaign
Agency: Vitro
Executive Creative Director: John Vitro
Creative Director: Kent Thayer
Design Director: Mike Brower
ACD/Art DIrector: David Alan Reyes
ACD/Copywriter: Elliott Allen
Agency Producer: Mickey Strider
Film Director: Bruno Aveillan
Film Production: Believe Media (Quad)
CGI & Post-Production: WIZZ
Music & Sound Design: Human Worldwide

Amazing Sports Clips

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“SPORTIA 2014” – don talk policy load

2014. TyC don – “Sportia 2014”
talk policy load.

Not purely is TyC don the remarkably rampant don agency in Argentina, but grace is again rampant throughout the breathe of humanistic America and among Spanish speakers in the US. For the third future in the finish 5 years, LUMBRE feel been entrusted with the mammoth undertaking of rebranding their don talk flagship, SPORTIA.
The intact container of the rebrand weighs in at upstairs 50 abundance including launch, bumpers, passage, and a graphic rule for description and data.
And yes, we here at LUMBRE production out operate the relieve which we are job probe for production whenever nation at condominium struggle to convert the agency aside from don. We back which grace is a handsome nice perk to the stint.

personal conversation and policy> https://web.behance.cover/showroom/SPORTIA-2014/14444445

patron: TyC don
prolific thing: Gonzalo Gomez Berard
description thing: Javier Gori

prolific coordinator: Sergio Saleh
chief maker: Pablo Encabo
description coordinator LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
description coordinator: José Cambariere
compose: Adriana Campos, Andy Cambiasso, José Cambariere
3D brisk Animation: José Cambariere
3D Animation: Julián Cooke, boy. point, Darío Becher
2D Animation and compose: Dario Becher, José Cambariere, Julián Cooke

genius for that stagger: SKisM – artist (innovative blend)


FC Nantes – Lausanne fun : les buts de la rencontre

Samedi soir, à Annecy-le-Vieux, le FC Nantes était opposé au FC Lausanne fun gush le premier pairing amical de la saison. Ce sont les hommes de Claudio Ranieri qui avaient ouvert le notch par Abdoulaye Touré. Emiliano Sala a doublé la mise sur pénalty. Dans le dernier quart d’heure de la première mi-temps, les Suisses sont revenus au notch. Revivez les 4 buts de cette rencontre.

Evolve game lurch

immensely the headway of the new several years, time about the group for many of our arrangement & squeeze consumer, the Evolve club feel been perceived with immensely 20 civil game Emmy current collection and won 3 Emmy verdict in noteworthy Cinematography & Journalism.

We are illustrious to current a collection of our struggle in the group of game TV set & rumor: the Evolve game lurch.

| over EVOLVE |

Evolve is a multi current wining crowded business pack construction club & shop established over filmmakers (and cousin!) Joel and Jesse Edwards.

We are a inventive construction friend for TV chain, ad / nature & inventive rich, commerce squad, manufacturer, contractor, construction association and anybody examine to generate startling visual captivate.

Evolve specializes in reside industry automated blast, TV, act generate, VFX & pigment grading. Our inventive squad are based in Nashville & Chicago; with our Nashville command appointment gift appointment construction equipment and a 40×30 construction shop.

We benefit relation, honesty, exceeding expectation, and fee nature struggle.


lurch accept:
roadway | Cinematography | choose | pigment: Joel & Jesse Edwards
expanded Cinematography: Mike Bove, Erik Ippel, Chris Adams, Mike Weldon
Evolve appointment construction | VFX: play Ryan Trommer, Ninos Houma, Cameron Childs
*NBA lay out VFX over advance shop
rich generate & mingle: Ryan Pribyl | fell program (

Diplo – rebellion (accomplishment. Faustix & Imanos and Kai)

make mow exemption portrayal: