A Brief History of Title Design

Presentation video for the SXSW “Excellence in Title Design” competition screening.

Editor: Ian Albinson (www.artofthetitle.com)

Initial concept: David Horridge (www.davidhorridge.com)
Special thanks: M. Keegan Uhl (www.mkeeganuhl.com), Bill Simmon (www.billsimmon.com)

Website: www.artofthetitle.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ArtoftheTitle
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArtoftheTitle

Music: RJD2 “Ghostwriter”


07/16/12 update – includes more HD-sourced materials, slight edit tweaks, font change, and adds Repo Man, Twelve Monkeys and Panic Room to the mix.


Full film and television listing:

Phantom of the Opera
King Kong
Modern Times
My Man Godfrey
Make Way For Tomorrow
Citizen Kane
The Maltese Falcon
Gun Crazy
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Lady in the Lake
Fallen Angel
The Thing
Singing in the Rain
The Man with the Golden Arm
Anatomy of a Murder
North by Northwest
Grand Prix
To Kill A Mockingbird
Dr. No
The Pink Panther
Dr. Strangelove
Soylent Green
Mean Streets
Star Wars
Saturday Night Fever
Raging Bull
The Terminator
Repo Man
The Untouchables
Do The Right Thing
Forrest Gump
The Naked Gun
Cape Fear
Reservoir Dogs
Natural Born Killers
Twelve Monkeys
The Island of Dr. Moreau
Donnie Brasco
Mission Impossible
Dawn of the Dead
Fight Club
Catch Me If You Can
Panic Room
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Fall
Casino Royale
Six Feet Under
Mad Men
Iron Man
The Kingdom
Sherlock Holmes
Up In The Air
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Robin Hood
The Social Network
Enter The Void

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funny animals are the best entertainment funny animal compilation

The Art of Making, The Carpenter

This is where it all began. It was our first attempt to design and produce one of our ideas for a film. Having done the shooting, we were not happy with the result and so we had to scrap the initial idea and start all over. We experimented and improvised with the music, the editing and the graphics until we felt we had something. Having no expectations, we posted it on vimeo. The feedback was quick and overwhelming. People’s comments from around the world, gave us the motivation to continue with more films for the series.


directed / edited / vfx – Dimitris Ladopoulos, Spiros Rasidakis
director of photography – Nikos Mexis
sound design – Nikos Tsines
music – The Three Corners of the Earth, The Fire Shall Devour Us

(shot using available light, with Canon 5D+7D, edited in Final Cut Pro X, tracked with PFTrack, composited in After Effects)

The mural of formulation, Alma Flamenca

The framework was sooner intriguing. A indecipherable from Pontus, breathing in Athens is a luthier of a few of the high-caliber Spanish guitars. ovation moniker is Vassilis and companion is not entirely an proficient luthier but extra a inviting exact. We drop 3 dub with him in ovation narrow and overloaded class in Athens, where we scholarly a lot, laughed a lot and in general access a hard-nosed life. The object decision undivided with the melody of Edstard left everybody extra than convinced.

conducted & VFX – Spiros Rasidakis, Dimitris Ladopoulos
administrator of photography – Nikos Mexis
analyze – Yiannis Kostavaras
sturdy configuration – Nikos Tsines
Guitarist & novelist – Edsart Udo De Haes computer network.edsartudodehaes.nl
Guitar manufacturer – Vassilis Lazarides computer network.lazaridesguitars.com
operating scheme – After Effects, FilmConvert

see art beep http://deepgreensea.bring in/estimate/alma-flamenca.html

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Pedazos de madera, amor, esmero, celo, conocimiento twist 299 horas de trabajo, concentradas en una película de algo más de 3 minutos.

La serie “The mural of formulation” pretende mostrar twist promocionar a gente de nuestros días que, superando el fatalismo twist el pesimismo del espíritu contemporáneo, se atreven, bilk pasión e imaginación, a seguir soñando twist creando. Estos amantes del conocimiento twist de la emoción, intentan combinar la organización twist la precisión de la ciencia bilk la elegancia, la sutileza twist el ingenio del arte. Su oferta es de un valor incalculable twist se lo agradecemos profundamente.

Dirección twist VFX: Spiros Rasidakis twist Dimitris Ladópoulos
Dirección de fotografía: Níkos Mexis
Edición: Yiannis Kostavaras
Diseño Acústico: Nikos Tsines
Guitarrista twist compositor: Edsart Udo de Haes computer network.edsartudodehaes.nl
Constructor de guitarras, luthier: Vassilis Lazarides computer network.lazaridesguitars.com

Visite el sitio oficial en http://deepgreensea.bring in/estimate/alma-flamenca.html